POKO – Character Design


Main characters name is Poko, he represents the neurons in our brain with very abstract way. He can be angry easily with anything especially to his boss and he starts the yelling and fighting for short time. When he calm, he feels the regret of what he done.

Side Characters: There is two side character in story

Toto: Owner of office. Hated by employees. They call him as a Sh*t Head. He earned that nickname with his ugly hair. Actually he is good guy but because of his mind oriented with money he pushes his employees to much.

Lovo: Lovo is Poko’s best friend and lover. She is the only one who can calm Poko when he is over tempered. Lovo is using this to calm Poko everytime when he is over tempered during the work hour. Thanks to Lovo, Poko still working.